09 April 2013

Blog moved to Portfolio!

I have made some changes to my portfolio website that makes this blog a place where nothing will be updated. I have turned the frontage of my portfolio into a blog, so that's where I will be posting w.i.p pics, sketches and finished work from now on. I hope that You will come visit me there instead since this blog will, in a while, be removed.

Thank You for visiting!
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23 July 2012


Hi ya'll!

Ok so there has been a lot going on in my life and I haven't had much time or inspiration to do any personal work. After working at the wonderful Paradox Dev. Studio for over 6 months now I have finally started to get my inspiration back for personal drawings and paintings. It brings me much joy even though it feels a bit weird and slow in the start.

Anywho, I am sorry for the break and hopefully in a while I can also pick up the self portraits again and finish that project off.

This is what I am currently painting. I don't know yet if she is going to blow away something shimmery from her hand or if there will be something else there. I think I will make a better transition between the fish part and the human part too. I want to make her more of an alien so we'll see what I come up with!


25 July 2011


I don't know where all my time for painting has gone. But from time to time I work with this one.


16 June 2011


Here's a piece I'm working on to study new render techniques. I'm also trying to paint with more harsh contrasts.


10 June 2011


I haven't had time for much painting lately :( but today I drew this alien. Not finished of course. Maybe I'll put him in an action pose before I render him though.

Regarding my self portrait blog: I'm still doing it, no worries! Thing is that I haven't been at home for over a week and there's no scanner around where I'm at so I can't upload them yet. But I will when I get back home!


16 May 2011

Guardian of the Moon Stones

I started a self portrait yesterday that turned into an environment painting instead. Story behind it in short form:

The dragon stood guard over the moon stones placed in the mountain of cliffs
until he turned into cliffs himself.
His eyes and mind stayed focused so that he would be ready when the thieves one day
would try to steal the stones away.

It was such a fun piece to work with and went relatively fast. I like it, hope you do too!

Link: Finished pic here!

14 May 2011

Easy is Hard

I thought I sould start out with something easier when I start making moving graphics like this, but I find it extremely hard to just do something easy (read easier). This is what I've been sketching this evening. The sequence starts with the two warriors attacking each other and then it zooms in to the castle. I should save the warriors for something else and just zoom and maybe try to make some birds or flags but we'll see. ;)

13 May 2011

Paintings that moves

Blogger is doing something weird... taking away my latest posts both here and on my self portrait blog... So I'll have to repeat myself today :)

Yesterday I sketched on some new stuff... I want to make my pictures move a bit to make them feel more alive, to take care of my comp skillz and to make something different from what I usually do. So tried some stuff out in a comp program and it wasn't as hard as I thought, so hopefully I'll make one or some soon cuz it was great fun. Here's the sketch I played around with yesterday:

Earlier this week I wrote that I want to speed up my painting. I want to be able to paint as quick as I sketch and I want it NOW! So practice practice practice! Paint-sketched alot one day and came up with for example this one, Znowman - a low budget hero... and a dark magician.

Also think I mentioned that I want and need some new inspiration. I thought fantasy books might help, I'm not much of a reader but since most of my inspo comes from movies, games and other artists I thought I should really give it a serious try! Went to the library and borrowed my first Eddings, hope it's the right medicine!

05 May 2011

The girl from yesterday...

This babe stole all my focus yesterday, I almost forgot both eating and working out. I don't know what to do with her legs or the background and I want to do something more with the big arm.

The ispiration came from nowhere when I was tryng out a new tecnique based on lassotool and big soft and hard brushes.

A lot of stuff going on

I have so many unfinished paintings in my W.I.P folders both from 2011 and 2010, some of them will never be anything more than scraps but I still have hope in many of them ;)  Theese are btw all personal projects.

Here are some of them: